River Woman, River Demon

I'm so excited to share the insider scoop of my newest novel with you! Readers are calling it “Compelling, riveting, swimming in gritty feminine power. This is a twisted story of passion, mental fortitude, deception and guilt.”

The critics are giving it rave reviews!

A murder mystery with organic roots in the otherworldly. Sharp as glass shards and lush as the desert after the rain, the writing is the true magic here.” —KIRKUS, Starred Review ★

Featuring lush, evocative prose…River Woman, River Demon is a seamless psychological and supernatural thriller about resilience and personal empowerment.”—Foreword, Starred Review ★

“Jennifer Givhan has invoked a delectable spellbinder. River Woman, River Demon is a conjuring of equal parts murder mystery, brujería, sex and romance, hauntings and terror, femme empowerment, all with a dash of Northern New Mexican cooking. ¡Buen provecho!” —Ana Castillo, award-winning author of So Far from God

“Now comes “River Woman, River Demon,” which was recently nominated for a New Mexico-Arizona Book Award. As we watch Eva struggle to defend her husband, protect her kids and fight off the ghosts in her head and the gaslighting enemies in her life, we get to see what happens when a literary sorceress throws poetry, magic, motherhood and misogyny into a cauldron, turns up the genre heat and lets it all boil.” —The San Diego Union-Tribune

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